October 24, 2016



OH LADYBUG FLY FLY by mypitangas 

It's always fun, and a little bit nostalgic coming back here. I remember when bloggers were just simple nerds behind a computer trying to elevate the sadness of writing journals into something... something less lonely, more like "thank God now I have an audience of 3". I also remember when blogs were the 21st century's shrinks, and blogging was a happy place where you could lay down, relax, bitch about your family and the world in general, and aaaaall your posts would end up blaming your dad for your issues. Oh happy days... till some teenager starts posting pictures of the outfit of the day, and then suddenly, all the gossip, bitchiness,  and bitterness became "look! one day I'm gonna be just like one of the Kardashians I don't care whom".

Innuendo aside, I'd like to talk about ladybugs. Yes, today I'm all nature. I always liked ladybugs. Ever since I was a little girl. I remember how hard it was to find them, and when you finally spotted one and tried to catch it, it would always fly away. Little bastards. But today I'd like to talk about one ladybug in particular: my dear friend Joana. The world brought her to me in a troubled way, and we've been together ever since. She has this amazing capacity of dazzling me. The minute I put my eyes on her I knew how talented she was and the great things that were ahead of her. Although she didn't. Architect by training but a restless chef by heart. Life took care of pushing her into the right direction, and I like to think  I pushed her myself every chance I had :) Her talent is almost bigger than her relentlessness. She has achieved great things everywhere she works (if it's okay to define as work, the art of an artist) and  yet, never stops looking for places and people who will inspire her and help her to grow and to be better.

Joana is an inspiration to me. And to all women. She knows what she wants, and never stops till she gets it. I'm so proud of her that I'm almost NOT mad with her for leaving me AGAIN to pursue another dream of hers. Because that´s how she is: fearless! And as her favourite groupie I promise I will be continuously looking out for her. 'cause that's what friends do to :) and to finish with the perfect cheese note I'd like to quote my favourite food critic of all times, Anton Ego: "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere."

February 12, 2015


No. I'm not ready. Far from it! But my good friend Helena Coelho is.
She is the face, and body, of the new Bohemian Swimwear campaign and oh boy, she looks stunning!
A few days ago I went to the runway show and campaign presentation and I liked what I saw. But to be perfectly honest I felt there was a bit of lack of consistency overall. The swimwear per se is great, don't get me wrong. But the styling was off, all over the place, the hair of the girls looked like they belonged in different shows, and the choice of the venue although breathtaking - the interior swimming pool of the Ritz Four Seasons - it seemed unsuitable. Classy for sure, but not bohemian... I would have liked to experience the vibe, the way of life of the brand, which I didn't. But where I did experience and felt completely amazed by it, was when I saw the making-of pictures that, another good friend of mine Sara Andrade, took while the campaign was being shot. Wow! That's what I call a Bohemian vibe... Well done gals :)
About my opinions when it comes to the way the brand speaks to the consumer, may be it will be better I pay them a visit and may be be hired kkkkkkkkkkkkk :)

Photos by Sara Andrade on Vogue.pt

February 2, 2015


I'm always amazed how people make assumptions about your life. Great marriage, cute kids, good life! everything looks so perfect from the outside!
the cold truth is, well, not so cold in my opinion, perfect lives have flaws. and flaws are part of who we are and how we present ourselves.
in an era where "real people" has more followers than actual celebrities, we're drawn into these worlds where everything has a specific aesthetic, a consistent color palette, and those lives are suddenly a brand, and it seems like they're selling a life style instead of actually living it. I blame the social networks. of which I'm a slave myself. sometimes I caught myself regretting not sharing a moment with "the followers" than treasuring that moment in my heart or my memory. gosh! how the hell did we end up like this? these type of behaviors probably take a big chunk of our day. all these sharing, liking, posting, pinning… and it has to be consistent!! Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, polyvore, I'm on it. and every day I'm amazed. amazed and exhausted. amazed with the consistence of some profiles, especially on instagram, and exhausted for them. the users. I truly believe it must be exhausting clicking your life exclusively from the above, or search for the perfect picture that goes along with the fifty shades of beige consistent with your profile. not to mention the outfit of the day picture. lol with prejudice.
I have to admit that sometimes, once in a while, I aim for a profile like that. clean, consistent, uni-color. but then, no. no I can not. I refuse not having the chaos, the colors, the nonsense of life. my life. Of course I carefully edit my posts. I even tried to ensemble a collage with some kind of consistency to illustrate this post. but I failed. I went through hell to getter some photos and I ended up cropping a piece of my instagram page! (sincerely lol)
No one likes to show their weaknesses, their flaws. But you know what? Flaws are beautiful. And my life and I are full of them. may be that's why people like my profile so much… kkkkkkkkk

October 14, 2014


If you kiss me I blush...

Having a babygirl really pushes me into girly things. Blush is my new black. But of course I couldn't give away the black. I guess some things never change :)

July 10, 2014


Vika Volkute for Glamour Italia October 2012 

I found it rather annoying when self-made entrepreneurs start to pray formulas to achieve success and stardom. Okay, I get it, they've made it, usually in a short amount of time and with tremendous success. But that doesn't mean you've figured it out the matrix of the road to get there! Recently I've come crossed this article on Forbes: 5 Career Mistakes You Will Regret in Ten Years.
Rick Smith, Forbs contributor, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and speaker, prayed in five simple and pragmatic points the clairvoyance of identifying rookie mistakes we all make along our careers. Allefuckinluia!! It was about time someone speak up in the name of those who hold the key to the big gate of success and help we all, ordinary people! Bull crap, and I'm gonna prove he's wrong. So here are the 5 mistakes:
1. "Network only within your company"
For six years I was what I like to call an international/social-network whore. I've done it all. Trade shows, fashion weeks, events, I've built a global network in my twenties that could blush any over 30 entrepreneurs. Social-network: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Polyvore, Small World, blogs, you name it. I still don't know how did I keep up without a team of 10.
2. "Make decisions based on money"

For three years I've worked without a salary. Our company was a start-up and all revenue was to invest in the company. So I managed to get money from side jobs and never questioned my commitment to a career that wasn't getting me any.
3. "Avoid Failure"
For six years I was out there. I mean it. Uncertain paths, high risk decisions, taking changes and always putting myself exposed to what it could turn out into a tremendous success, or failure.  "Difficult situations lead to accelerated growth", so Rick says.
4. "Buy a House"
On this matter I couldn't be more mobile. I'm proud to say I was freeloading in my fiance's house :)
5. "Miss opportunities to help others" 
Well, I don't. I am those type of people who can not help themselves helping the peers and re-joys with the feeling without any expectation of return benefit. "Positive Karma" that's what Rick calls it in his book  The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers. Apparently he really really digs the number 5! Go figure... Well I found out the hardest way that the ones you most encourage, help and coach, are also the first ones to screw you the minute they have the chance. Bazinga!

That's why nowadays I really appreciate the ones who have the courage to expose themselves, and share their failure stories. It takes a lot of guts to say "hey. I did everything I was suppose to do and still, I was short on the luck factor"...  This is what I think most of the time is determinant to make it: LUCK. Some people are born with the lucky star and they don't even have to bother being at the right place on the right time, 'cause luck makes its way to find the lucky bastard.
So Rick, next time you feel this uncontrollable urge to spread words of wisdom make sure you start with an honest statement kinda like this: "hey. I'm nothing but a story of success, but here's my personal experience, this is my truth, my reality, hope it helps". "in 5 Steps". This book, I would buy.

July 6, 2014



So a few months ago I was drawn into start a new side business by some very persuasive friends. "oh your apple pie is so good, so different from everything we've tasted, you should brand it!". And so I did. APPLE PAI wa born and now I spend more time baking than I anticipated... not bitching about but I just hope it doesn't spoil the fun of baking for pleasure. The days of "sweets for my sweet" are gone and a new era of "sweets for a bunch of people I don't don't know" are here to stay :) yum yum!

February 23, 2014


A few days ago I read on Twitter something like "fuck second chances! people never change!!" type of bullshit. And it got me thinking. Here it begins the problem. You should NEVER give someone a second chance if you're relying on that person to change! Huge mistake.
Second chances are based on forgiveness and acceptance. Not on "change who you are so this all works out" kinda deal. Probably he or she was right. People never change! So why the hell will you, in your perfect state of mind, give anyone, a second chance??

10 years ago today, an American girl returned from Paris. Carrie gave Mr. Big a second, or to be more accurate, a third chance after from what I remember The most romantic, breathtaking and yet unlikely rescue from the small screen history ever. It was most expected and we all gals (and some dudes) cried for at least a week. And yes. It wasn't real. Because in real life these types of happy endings never happen. But you know why?? They would if we stopped giving second chances based on false pretenses!!!! Carrie didn't take Big back because she was expecting him to change. She did it because, after 6 freakin' seasons, she finally accepted him from what he was: a selfish  abnormally good looking guy with some serious commitment issues, who happened to lover unconditionally.

 I am a true believer in second chances. What would life be without them? You would never be able to take that exam again to get a better grade, you would never had your driving license because you stupidly didn't pass the first time, or you could never give the one you love the chance to just tell you "hey, you know I'm better than this, please find in your heart the straight to forgive me. we all make mistakes". Don't we?...

If life itself is willing to give us second chances aaaaall the time, why can't we do the same for the ones who have a place in our hearts? After all, they're the ones who deserve it one. Some choose to call it a leap of faith. I prefer to call it "the small Big thing I will never regret".

November 1, 2013


The sweet girls at Vogue just payed a visit to my nook and here's the outcome
A beautiful portrait of my Pitanga Atelier! Enjoy :)

Photos Anna Balecho
Read the Vogue article by Carmo here.

October 28, 2013




I went from a job where I had to doll myself up and be trendy for my clients at the store, to a job where I'm kinda stuck in my atelier working with pliers and hiding behind a computer. Sometimes I miss it. Today is an example of that. So here's how I express my longing mood. Enjoy.

October 22, 2013


I had a great time last Friday at Sephora.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love anything to do with makeup and glam!
And if you add that to a couple of champagne flutes you just make my day. Or evening, in this case.
The music was great, the vibe was fun, there were a bunch of "cigar girls" giving samples of the brand new Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain, and I had the chance to be dolled up by one of my fav YSL makeup artist, Mário. Hands up!

I bought the most amazing mat lipstick on Grenat Satisfaction color. Loved the name. And this lipstick is so good that when I left Sephora I was totally in the mood to kiss and tell...
I just wanna thanks Carmo for the invite, a great blogger and a better illustrator. She was there with the brand in this cutest black and gold booth giving away YSL bags with a very, very chic illustration that she made especially for this event.

October 18, 2013


Necklace PITANGA; Pumps PRADA; Swimsuit HERVE LEGER; Bracelets DSQUARED2; Lipstick YSL; Blush DIOR.

Lately I've been completely abscessed by everything that's cherry color. I don't care that much for the fruit, but the color, yum yum I can't get enough! It's in my wardrobe, it's on my nails, it's on my lips, it's everywhere! I'm one step away from painting my son red cherry :)
A few weeks ago I went out wearing nothing but red cherry. Dress, necklace, lips and nails. Well, at least I wore nude pumps... I was afraid I might offend someone. Visually :)
Eventually I'll be in the mood for another color. Lets just hope it's not acid yellow LOL.

September 20, 2013


Finally! My new awesome website is on. I'm so proud you guys can't imagine. My blood, sweat  and tears are allover it! A special thanks to my good old friend Gonçalo, he's always there for me when I need to go web mode. And crazy mode too. But he can handle it.
Hope you all enjoy it and I better start getting orders from allover the World :)

August 6, 2013


Good things always come to an end. That's the truth. But it's also true that in order to experience new good and exciting things you must let go of the old. Most of the time it's painful, but it's much better to watch good things go away than watching them go sour... believe me. It may sound like a bold statement, almost an inconvenient one, but people tend to hold on to things, moments, more than they should. It's part of human nature. And it seems to me that this inability of "letting go" is much noticeable on women's DNA than on guys'. But the fastest you learn how to let go the better. It's something that comes with age. God, I'm starting to sound like my mom. Anyway, lately I've been coaching myself the fine art of "letting go". Not easy my friends. Especially when we're talking about something that you worked so hard for. But still, you have to make it work. You do it gently. Take your own time. Put your fears behind and move forward. Even if you have to start everything all over again. You just do it. 'cause that's what makes good things come to you. Fuck The Secret. The secret is not taking bullshit from life. Own it.
I'm loving my new atelier. And as much as sometimes I'm shitting my pants I would not trade it for what I was doing before. The old. 'cause that's how new good and exciting things happen.

May 22, 2013


GQ Men of the Year Awards turned out to be a great event. And for me, it's hard to catalog "great" a portuguese event. Well well, there were quite some international somebodies but it's not it. It was tasteful, trendy, fresh and glamorous enough. And the people invented (like me :) were the perfect match to a successful evening where was expected beauty, fun and some awards involved. The place was very well chosen at Cidadela de Cascais and either the room where we had dinner or the room where the actual event took place were sexy and GQ all the way.
I must highlight the presence of a very strong group of international celebs such as Dsquared2 boys Dean and Dan Caten, the breath-taken Izabel Goulart, Bianca Brandolini with a huuuge entourage (it turn out great for net-working), and Andrey Smidl so baby boy I swear to God that after dinner I almost burped him :) Congratulations GQ Portugal and to all the great team!
My Pitanga creations were a big success, again, hope it start to sell like crazy!

 My-cute-self, Manuela Marques
 The beautiful TV host, Helena Coelho

April 24, 2013


Sarah Jessica Parker should be ashamed of her latest "charity act". Actually, if I were her I wouldn't leave home for a month or two just to make sure I wasn't attacked by a Sex and the City crazy fan or a charity activist. (I am sure there are some)
It starts today, the Gotta Have Rock and Roll’s Rock & Pop Culture Auction 2013 where a bunch of celebrities have donated shoes to raise funds for the LaGuardia High School for Music, Art and the Performing Arts in New York. To this benefit little Sarah generously donated three signed pairs which were worn on the set of Sex in the City as Carrie Bradshaw. Okay, you can tell me "oh no no no, she's the best, she donated 3 pairs when everybody else donated one". The thing is: along those 6 seasons (which I'm so grateful for) and the two movies (which I secretly wish they had never happened) she brought to her personal collection hundreds of shoes! And the best she can do is a pair of Prada Serious Uglyiness peep toe heels, a pair of Dolce Vita Everyone Can Afford black pumps, AND a pair of Average Jonathan Kelsey strappy sandals so outdated as his website, in which the last collection you'll find there dates back to Winter 2010!!! Whatta Fuck?! And as far as I'm concerned , the only Dolce I know, is followed by a Gabbana.
I couldn't even found the courage to post pictures of them to illustrate my post, so ugly they are! Hello Magazine itself wrote about this publishing fabulous pictures of the series avoiding the ones of the actual shoes! Google them and you'll see what I'm talking about.
By this I'm not saying she would get rid of, excuse me, DOnate the iconic silver Manolos stolen at that fateful baby-shower, or the Choos that were stolen from her feet in the Street of Nowhere corner to I'm So Lost Avenue. Or even the perfect blue Manolos with what Mr. Big proposed to her. God forbid. No. I'm just saying that she wasn't really elegant, or thoughtful when she picked those styles. Something stylish, timeless, would raise much much more money for the cause, I'm sure, and the Sex and the City fans wouldn't be felling insulted. As I am. Right now. There you go. I said it.

April 16, 2013



BONJOUR LOUISE! by manuelamarques

 The art of being gracious is some how forgotten in an high brand pair of jeans and a Vuitton bag. When the hell it started to be okay to carry this two items to any type of event regardless the purpose.
Adjectives like casual, effortless are often mistaken as a free pass to just don't give a shit. Or may be they do, but God forgive them, they don't know any better. This lack of commitment to etiquette I believe it started at Avenue Soccer Player Wife corner to  Pop Singer Gone Bad Square. A mix between "I can do whatever I want" and "I've got so much money and don't know what to do with it" completely ruined the ceremony around dressing up to an event. Any type of event. whether is going to the theater with your gals or going to a trendy gallery opening.
I long for the days when women will start to give a shit again and return, not the the Hollywood  30's glamor, but to a proper "I do appreciate all the opportunities the Universe gives me to brush my hair properly and put on a dress". And if your very very out-there, you'll where a fabulous pair or Pitanga earrings :) no publicity was intended LOL. 

April 8, 2013




 So, this is the time for new beginnings. For new adventures. For what I call take life by the balls.
As some might know, a few months ago I was forced to close the space where I had worked for 7 years. I imagined it, I designed it, I built it, I made it my second home. In some occasions it was my "just home"... I laughed there, I cried there, I had successes and failures there. It was more then a work space, those walls have witnessed myself happy, in love, disappointed, heartbroken, in love again, and they trembled with me while I was peeing to a stick. It was positive :)
These moments are not in the past, they are in me. They made me who I am. And this is what I am today. A new atelier, a new project, a new beginning... but with the same you all learned to love "Pitanga vibe"! Hope you still love it the way you used to, or more... Welcome to the new me!