March 25, 2010


BY MALENE BIRGER, Spring Summer 2010

“Kate Moss and Alexa Chung are fans”, said an article in British ELLE, September 2009 about BY MALENE BIRGER, and the growing number of celebrities appearing wearing it, backs it up. Most recently Claudia Schiffer has been seen in BY MALENE BIRGER designs. No wonder! Everybody wants to feel “breathtaking” and “ simple and elegant” as some reviews have described the collection after the runway show.
This Danish brand is experiencing massive demand and visibility internationally. And it has earned exposure in publications such as Vogue, ELLE and Harpers Bazaar all around the world.
Malene Birger earned exceptional praise when her Spring/Summer 2010 collection “The House” was revealed on the catwalk during the last Copenhagen Fashion Week along with the beautiful ad campaign, which has been photographed at Galerie Mikael Andersen in Copenhagen. The location is a link to Birger’s personal graphic artwork used both as prints throughout the collection and as decoration for the catwalk.
It is truly a stunning way to start the Summer season! Fashion meets Art at their best!