June 23, 2010



NESPRESSO has taken inspiration from two of the most iconic cities in the world - New York City and Paris - to develop a limited edition collection of CitiZdots machines. A contemporary object that for sure is going to be a conversation starter in any home.
The CitiZdots line pays homage to the architectural treasures and the urban feel of both Paris and New York. These dazzling peaces of artwork were created through the eyes of the Collectif T.O.T., a venture created in 2001 by graphic designers Sylvia and Lo Toth. The inspiration for the Paris-themed machine blends the city's unique place, the Eiffel Tower adorning the machine along with a Saint-Germain sign in bleu, blanc and noir. The New York-themed machine blends two of the most recognizable icons of New York City life, the yellow taxi cab and the skyscraper which at one glance transports you to a "Gotham City-like" world of yellow and black.