June 7, 2010


July 2010 issue of Vogue Portugal

Everybody who owns a pair of Pitangas knows how it feels like... you wear them, and you fall in love with them. The label "made in Portugal" is proudly representing the best that this young, yet successful brand is capable of.
The July issue of Vogue Portugal gives us a refreshing perspective of the shoe industry in Portugal. In an article "to be read" by the fabulous and talented fashion journalist Manuel Arnaut, we can walk through the minds of three different Portuguese Shoes Designers, and read their opinions regarding different matters.
Pitanga's Creative Designer, moi, had an entire page to herself! I talk about my background, the concept of the brand and on how the company is achieving internationalization. Plus, you get a snick pick into the Winter 2010/11 collection! Believe me. You will feel guilty if you don't own a pair of Pitangas next season.