June 23, 2010


Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons by fashion_mariquita (Camy)
Another great fashion competition sponsored by PITANGA on Polyvore. This time was Camy's turn to win the fabulous prize for the well deserved first place in "THE PERFECT LOOK" contest! The challenge was to create an ensemble to wear with the Pitangas featured in her set. She definitely thought outside of the box and gave us a very funky trendy look. And that's what PITANGA is all about! The unexpected WoW effect. There for, Camy put up together an outfit with some very cool LAURA URBINATI bikini bottom, a lovely GROOVE MARKET T-shirt, and an unconventional JOHN GALLIANO bag. And the blue VICTORIA BECKHAM sunnies, cherry on top of the sundae! Keep up the good work!