July 15, 2010



Photo: ELLE RUSSIA, July 2010. Photografer: Lee Broomfield. Stylist: Friquette Thevenet

SEE BY CHLOÉ One-shoulder Dress, 230 EUR
The concept of Fashion is different to everyone. One person's idea of a trendy outfit can be another person's idea of some serious ugliness! Either way, there's something about Fashion that I adore. It's a jungle! There's no rules, well, kinda, and it's one of the most intimate ways to express yourself. You can blend-in or make a statement. You can chock or you can please.
One of the best and funniest ways to express yourself in an outfit is through color. There are many ideas around what the various colors mean and why some people are drawn to a certain color pallet. To me, specifically, it's not about the skin tone or the dress code you're required to wear at work. It's about the mood! Or personality even. There's boring people, and there's exciting people. Sometimes you wake up grumpy, sometimes you wake up with a rainbow on your face!
So once in a while, we should all allow ourselves to express our moods through colors. It's liberating! Believe me. You will never feel beige again!