July 19, 2010


LINDA FARROW LUXE, Python-trimmed oversize sunglasses. And the leather box where they come. OMG the box! Just both them at ANDRÉ OPTICAS in 136A Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon.

Today I'm very happy with my latest purchase. How can a girl resist to a pair of python-trimmed oversize sunglasses? You don't.
This a great example of consistency in a high fashion brand. LINDA FARROW, a clothing designer by training, started her eyewear label in 1970 and immediately stood out because of her innovation and cutting-edge design in her creations. Not only she was a pioneer in unexpected shapes, treating eyewear as fashion, but she also consistently delivered iconic creations like the avantgarde wraparounds that were Yoko Ono's signature look, or her latest Collaborations and Projects with many of the world's most acclaimed designers, such as JEREMY SCOTT popularized by Lady Gaga.
Linda Farrow is still today, after forty years, a synonymous of luxury, prestige and style among fashion lovers and celebrities from all over the world.

JEREMY SCOTT MICKEY worn by Lady Gaga in her Paparazzi music video.