July 20, 2010


TOPSHOP Belted shorts
50 EUR - topshop.com

PITANGA Poison sandal
275 EUR - pitanga.com.pt

ANTHONY PETO Black straw hat
155 EUR - farfetch.com

She's American and fabulous! Nikkeeb was the winner of PITANGA's "SUMMER TIME!" contest on Polyvore. The challenge was to create a stunning look to wear with their favorite Pitangas. And she was brethtakingly stylish as we required!
She combined our PITANGA Poison Sandals with a TOPSHOP lemon shorts turned-up with a belt, a JUICY COUTURE black silk with a floral print top, and finished with a classic ANTHONY PETO straw trilby hat on top!
She recently created a fashion blog - cheap thrills - for all the fashion lovers who can't afford expensive designer labels, proving that "sense of style is free and intrinsic!". She offers great tips how to express ourselves through fashion without being irresponsible with our money. That's right. We all have a budget and it shouldn't limit our style if you're creative enough. Just like her!