July 27, 2010



Angelina Jolie with her dog. H&M Tank top €15. TOPSHOP Mesh skirt €42. GIVENCHY Hobo €980. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Sandals €580. LOUIS VUITTON Dog carrier €1.475. TIFFANY Dog bone tag charm €130.

For those who know me well is not a revelation that I'm a HUGE pet lover. I have two cute little kittens living with me, and ever since I was a little girl I used to bring home pretty much all the animals that were in danger in my neighborhood. And at this particular time of the year they've seemed to be left by my door quite lot! If you ask me, I strongly believe that there are some "animals" who shouldn't be allowed to have other animals to take care of!
Anyway, If you're about to go on vacation (lucky you) and don't have a friend or a relative to take care of your pet while you're gone, there are some options you can choose from: one is to go to a "pet friendly" hotel. You find a lot these days and they provide everything for you and your little friend so you can both enjoy and relax. Another option is to hire a pet sitter, ask your Vet for a recommendation. And my last suggestion is to leave him in a Pet Hotel. It's affordable and they deserve it and I'm sure you'll be much appreciated when you return. Being away for a while is good in any relationship!
BTW those Zanotti sandals above are my last acquisition. Fierce!!!!! Oh! And be careful with the animals you shelter. The last one I brought home I ended up asking him to marry me :)))))

Selma Blair and Giselle Bundchen.
Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba.