August 24, 2010



Fascinator MADELEINE, D'Orsay pump BADGLEY MISCHKA, Floral clutch SONDRA ROBERTS, Fingerless gloves ASOS, Plum lipstick CHANEL.

Thank God for vacation!!!! Sorry if you guys missed me. But now I'm back! And scared!!!
I never thought, not in a million years, that proposing someone to marry you could cause such trouble. I was thinking something more like "will you marry me?", "yep", "you may now kiss the groom" - oh yeah, if I was the one popping up the question, it should be me kissing the groom - anyway... Back to the subject! Oh God! How the Hell didn't I had the "details" in consideration? I HATE DETAILS!
Of course I had in mind the shoes (first things first), the dress, the cute pair of gloves, the friends, the family, the Joy, but not "details"! - The flowers, the priest, the food, the place, the invitations, the music, the entertainment (thank God Frank will be there!), the little baskets with rose petals, the endless "details" that I haven't thought till people start to ask me about it. I am exhausted just to write about it.
Not to mention the fact that if you are thinking of being spontaneous and get married
muy pronto, you just can't! Because there's no time to plan it! Everything is booked and you can't find a freakin' dress because we're in "between seasons"!! Is that even an excuse to not sell me a dress???? But that alone is another issue, and I just don't wanna go there.
A friend of mine is starting to call me a
bridezilla! I don't even know what that means! But I do think that, if it's a disease, it can be cured just going to the City Hall and get married in a vintage gown, with my Mr. Big, and meeting my gang later on for some serious cocktail extravaganza! If that's what it takes :)