September 1, 2010


Je suis arrivée à Paris! Aside I'm a little bit sick and I barely can smell anything, it's inevitable not to breathe fashion around here. Well, I did come for it! This Fall something's happening in the world of fur! After all the effort we put weekly trying to get rid of almost all the hair in our body, now we're choosing to cover ourselves in it! As ironic as it might sounds, it's an huge huge trend for this season and some créateurs just went wild with it. I mean, who am I to question a genius? But if I ran into Monsieur Lagerfeld I can't help but asking: what a hell were you thinking?
It happens all the time through fashion history. In times of crises, everything is over the top! It's a Human need. I myself am not a "less is more" type of gal but, come on!
Back to fur. It was a good and "comfortable" season for the master of fur J. Mendel, he's well known for his work with fur, real or faux, and once again he has shown a classic and chic collection. In the ferocious side of fashion we've been presented with some breathtaking fur moments sponsored by Viktor & Rolf and Lanvin (petit Alber is finally getting out of his shell), but I've saved the best for last. At Chanel, everything from boots, chain-strap bags to the house's classic tweeds were made or trimmed with faux fur. The frozen scenario created by the genius Karl Lagerfeld left everybody captive in the magic of chunks of icebergs specially trasnported from Scandinavia and a runway gently splashing as the models walked by through a sea of melting ice. Lagerfeld once again reinvented the Chanel classics and as always, literally brought us a breath of fresh air with a phenomenal presentation. Bravo!