September 19, 2010


Marchesa, Spring 2011 ready-to-wear

Oh God. I am exhausted. The things I’ve been witnessing this week. I don’t know if it’s the world crises or the global warming, but people are just going bananas! From the ice-cream maker Antonio Federici ad banned in the UK because it contains a pregnant nun eating from a tub of ice-cream with a suggestive tagline "immaculately conceived”, to a couple of crazy “high society” ladies fighting over a pair of outdated boots in a random stock-off sales morning, it was all craziness. No wonder, if you could buy 800 euro boots for 4,99 euro, not even the chicest of all ladies would resist. But that is an all-new subject. Don’t even get me started…

New York Fashion Week always brings me good things to dream about and to take me to a place where freedom is freedom and nobody fights over ugliness! MARCHESA for instant, is the perfect example of two young and successful designers who make those types of dreams come true. I’m always very anxious to watch what Keren and Georgina have done each season to blow our minds. But this specific season, I have a lack of superlatives to describe what they’ve made me feel as I saw their presentation last September 15. Meenal Mistry from STYLE.COM actually wrote “There were times today at Marchesa presentation when you couldn't breathe.”. The dresses were exquisite, with oriental inspired details, hand-painted florals on rolling sculptural drapes, harem-panted jumpsuits, jewel-crusted clutches, oh… poetry to my hears.

At the present time, when I am on the search for my wedding dress, and it has been a very traumatic experience, I look at this dresses and feel that there is still hope! I am so ready for a Marchesa moment after being in all shity local stores to the finest stores in Paris. Not even at Lanvin I got lucky! Which I adore btw. I’m aware I’m not easy to please. I belong to the TSWD Club (the short wedding dress club) and that can be a huge problem! But when it comes to choose the perfect wedding dress, when can you tell enough is enough? Actually I’ve found a couple of gowns that have conquered my heart. You see it, you fall in love with it, and you feel an incontrollable urge to get in it and say “I do” to the one who stole your heart. That's how it happens! The problem is: I’ve been very patient in terms of waiting for some answers from certain designers. So please, just answer the freakin’ phone and make it happen!!!!!