September 15, 2010


Photo: CHANEL Spring/Summer 2010 Haute Couture Beauty. Items: ANNA SUI Rabbit bolero €405, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Shorts €495, PITANGA Moscow tote €320, PITANGA Moscow apron pumps €280, MULBERRY Leather note book €215, MONTBLANC Platinum pen €510, RAY-BAN Aviator sunglasses €220, STARBUCKS Caffè mocha €4.

Everybody has different habits in the morning. Some people do religiously the exact same things day after day. When I wake up in the morning I am all over the place!! Usually with a smile on my face. I'm only grumpy before bed time:)
I have lots of interests in my life but who am I kidding? I get out of bed to breathe fashion. But nevertheless, I'm not the type of person who, the night before, thinks about the outfit for the next day. And the only reason for that doesn't happen is because what I want today, it is not what I want tomorrow. So I keep it cool, but I do fallow some steps.
To start, I choose the shoes. First things first! I tend to go Pitangas but if not, fine by me. I'm not a shoe nazi! Only because I designed them, it doesn't mean I have to wear them all the time. I'm a shoe lover!!! Then, the chosen outfit generally reflects my mood. Bright colors equal to "it's gonna be a good day" day, dark colors equal to " it might be a good day not to talk with me" day.
Feel free to approach me if you catch me wearing a tutu :)
I grab all my stuff and drive to my atelier in my Chanel car. I like to call it Chanel because it's beige and black. (Talking about "breathing fashion") LOL! First stop: Starbucks. Addicted? No doubt. And with proud.
At my atelier, I check the emails, read the best blog posts, leave a few comments on blogs (talk with some clients in between) and only after, I begin the To Do list.... lately it has been endless. I have a note book, old fashion style, where I write everything important that comes into my mind that needs to be done. Or improved. Right now, what I need "to do" is to finish writing this article. So ladies and gentlemen, I present you - THE END. Have a good one!
BTW I'm wearing bright colors :)