September 13, 2010


Just when you think you've seen it all from Lady Gaga, there you have her photographed by Terry Richardson and styled by Nicola Formichetti for Vogue Homme Japan.
After posing nude for the September issue of Vanity Fair magazine, the most outrageous singer of the moment is now on the cover of Vogue Homme Japan wearing nothing less than a flesh bikini! It appears that this a vanguard Vogue cover, has been the target of a lot of controversy coming from PETA's president "Meat represents bloody violence and suffering, therefore, if that was the image they were looking for, they've conquered", she said to Daily Mail. What can I say? I'm completely committed to protect animal's rights but this is too much! I like being cynical sometimes, but I can't take this bullshit. I really do not believe that members of PETA organization are all vegetarians and don't go to the local butcher to buy beef for a family dinner. Come on! I thing this cover is everything but unexpected when we're talking about photo shooting the Lady of all Ladies. And that is exactly what fashion is suppose to do. Anyway...

The Vogue's cover was reveled on the September 10th and only a few days after that, she presented herself in a fake version of the controversy's outfit. She doesn't seem to rest! Yesterday on the MTV Video Awards she was the winner of eight of thirteen nominations. The Lady is now a Queen! And as a queen must behave, she wore three different looks to receive the awards on stage.
I hate rumors but her former manager said that she was hospitalized six times in 2009 because the singer refused to eat for weeks just to fit into her fabulous stage costumes. True or false, it's hilarious how this is all so paradoxical! Eccentric indeed :)