September 23, 2010


PITANGA Babylon suede open toe bootie 275 EUR and Babylon clutch 190 EUR, TOPSHOP Trench coat 120 EUR, RALPH LAUREN HOME Trunk on stand 4.650 EUR, METROPOLIS MODERN 1940's USA vintage military globe by Denoyer Geppart.

Let's take a trip... A retreat outside the frenetic world to unexpected and forgotten cities... a world that stopped in time. Jaipur, MedellĂ­n, Prague...
We feel this uncontrollable urge to go back, and stay close to our senses, and rescue our lost spirituality. The influences of these lost places bring us back to our inner seduction. The exotic aromas make us deceive our own limits without even noticing.

This season, I dedicate my PITANGA creations to all the women who have taken the time to search, in their own way, for the girl who we tend to loose along the way. And only then, we finally are able to assume our sensuality without ever forgetting that, once in a while, it's okay to be vulnerable.

"Neverland" - it is the name I gave to this inner journey. I've done it last year. Enjoy the collection... WWW.PITANGA.COM.PT