September 5, 2010


MAISON FABRE, 128-129 Galerie de Valois - Jardins du Palais Royal, Paris.
Always in the search for preciousness, I found the equivalent of our beloved Luvaria Ulisses in Lisbon here in Paris, the MAISON FABRE.
While I was wondering through the enchanted arcades of Palais Royal, I was attracted to this elegant, yet fashion forward, gloves' boutique. Recognized as one of France's finest glove making institution, this maison was founded in 1924 and perpetuated by the family Fabre through generations combining traditional savoir-faire with a contemporary attitude.
My passion for high end accessories is not a secret, and I have to admit I'm a sucker for gloves. I felt completely overwhelmed surrounded by beautiful pieces of art, made out the finest leather and the most precious fur and, above all this, hand made in France maintaining the requirements of the beginnings of Fashion!
Although the brand sells allover the globe, the first and only Farbes boutique is, since 2008, situated at 128 Galerie de Valois, a privileged location in the heart of the Palais Royal gardens in Paris. How was I suppose to resist?...

These ones conquered my heart!