October 29, 2010


WILDFOX Love Potion n. 9 T-shirt, €65. RIDERS Skinny Jeans. €64. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Booties, €835.

Yesterday I found the most lovely spot in Lisbon to start going with my gang. I've heard about it before, but the truth is, I kinda lost track of my life in the last few months. I haven't found the time to appreciate the joys of life and search for new preciousness in Lisbon. Anyway, the place I want to tell you guys about is called Orpheu Caffé, and you'll find it next to one of the most pleasant spots to hang out in Lisbon, Jardim do Príncipe Real.

The minute I walked in I had the feeling I was entering in my grandma´s house. But in a good way! Not in the same way we used to go there as an obligation because we were young and stupid, but in a way that we now remember it, with longing and nostalgia, wishing we were smarter at that time and had appreciated the warmth and coziness of grandma's nook. At Orpheu Caffé you go back in time and they make you feel ridiculously good. The decoration, the uniqueness of each piece, the smell of cakes fresh from the oven as you walk by the wooden counter, the luxurious chandelier, the smiles of who brings you the menu and how you just can't say no to the extra ice cream ball he recommends you to have with your warm chocolate brownie.

The rest of the menu is exquisite, very Portuguese, and you feel like trying every bit of it, and plus, they serve brunch on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. That's the place that was missing! Damn! Finally! At any hour of the day, there's a place now, where you go, and you drink tea or a glass of great wine, you eat a dessert or a typical Portuguese delicacy with no judgment what so ever. Kinda like grandma's house. She would give you french fries for breakfast if you'd ask her to :))