October 22, 2010


There is no doubt that Emilio Pucci is synonymous of geometric prints in a kaleidoscope of colours. And to homage this very interesting man, AKA Marchese di Barsento among friends, Taschen launched the Pucci book. A limited edition out covering the last 60 years of the label.
The book features hundreds of photos, sketches by the designer himself, interviews with those who knew him and candid images of the great man at work. Written by Vanessa Friedman, the fashion editor of The Financial Times, each of the XL versions is bound in a different piece of real Pucci fabric from recent collections. An edition of 500 is bound in original vintage Pucci fabrics from the house’s archives, packaged in a transparent acrylic box, accompanied by four art prints of original drawings by Emilio.
Well, from the man who once served as a bomber pilot during WWII to the createur who defined the 1960's prints, I bet the story behind this Florentine Italian is pretty damn interesting.
Now you just have to choose your budget to choose which cover will fit you best: the 150 euros contemporary fabric cover or the 600 euros vintage cover. Though choice, hum?

Silk dress and sandals with scarf laces spring/summer 2003. Vogue Australia, April 2003. Photo by Torkil Gudnason.

Samantha Jones, in the Lake Palace in Udaipur, India, wearing a silk jersey dress spring/summer 1967. Photo by Clarke/Conde Nast Archive.