November 5, 2010


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Photo of VIKTOR & ROLF by Philip Riches, and the Perspective Bags


When Anton Ego asked the very frightened waiter for "some fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective", the poor guy didn't know what Ego was talking about! And so the majority of the population. Unfortunately.

In a world where everybody bitch about their job, their neighbors, their town and their country, I have been witnessing more and more lack of perspective. Only a few enlightened people really do something about it. Some call them brave, some call them nuts, and some even dare to call them genius. I prefer to call them bold. To risk being judge by the ones who aren't doing anything is always tough. And thank God they keep on doing it. A good example of those who are anything but lifeless is the duo of designers Viktor & Rolf. For this Fall, they have designed a capsule collection of classic totes and clutches with an ultra modern asymmetrical makeover - The Perspective Bags. It's kinda safe to assume that they create fashion for the sake for art, rather than fashion for the sake of clothes. But just because I don't like to play on the safe side, I would rather assume that while artistically they are brilliant, commercially they miss the market because, more than clothes, they are offering us a point of view. Not easy to the ordinary mortal, I presume.

Viktor and Rolf are rarely cited in the top 5 most popular designers and yet they often present us intriguing, even appealing creations. Between art and fashion they keep on doing something that they are clearly in love about and that doesn't leave anyone indifferent. Like these optical illusions in shape of bags. The perspectives come in mate black calf skin, shiny metallic calf skin and metalized pony , all have a personalized shiny gunmetal ‘Flowerbomb’ shaped clasp, "which would go nicely with a bottle of Cheval Blanc 1947".