November 19, 2010


Heidi Klum. TIFFANY & COMPANY Baby gift. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Peep toe boots. SPIRIT Shrek Forever Donkey baby costume.

"Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue". You know what? I owe you guys an explanation. Last couple of months I've been writing (or bitching about to be more precise) about the "lovely" experience which is planning your own wedding. I was looking for dresses, trying to figure it out how I was going to entertain the guest, and taking out of my chest all the freakin' little details that were bothering me through my posts. "The Bridal Effect" was one of the posts that really helped me release the pain!!

Anyway. And suddenly, I've started to write about love letters, the importance of appreciating life, my desperate need for chocolate, and next thing you know I had completely lost my cynical side! Where am I, and what have "they" done to me???? There's a fair explanation for the last course of events: I'm gonna be a freakin' mom! Oh yeah! It's gonna happen, and if I was scared as hell back then, now I am terrified and about to shit in my pants!!!! Okay, that was not pretty.

The truth is, it happened. I didn't plan it. I was searching for the perfect wedding dress for f*** sake! But now I have to embrace it and do whatever I can to be the hottest sexy mom ever. I'm gonna keep on wearing my high heels and God forbid if you catch me wearing those ugly stretchy pants or a training suit without going to the gym. Feel free to shoot me. Seriously.
I chose, as my role model, Heidi Klum! I don't think there is on earth a woman who looks sexier than the hot sexy pregnant Heidi. But I'm gonna do it as a brunette version, of course. My hormones can't handle a change of hair color right now (little bastards). Oh God!! It felt so good to finally say it! From now on, I promise you, my dearest fans, to write my opinions as sharp as I can be! Because my cynical side is better than ever!! Salut to my hormones:)

Live you guys now with some others hot sexy moms :)

Claudia Schiffer, Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen.