November 26, 2010


Photo of Eric Ripert, chef. Christian Louboutin cutout boots.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I'm a sucker for seafood. I don't like to go eat it with a bunch of friends, I don't like to share it, I want it ALL for me! And lately, I don't know if it's the bloody hormones or the little monster growing in my belly, I think a lot about food in general. So, as a proper mom to be, I swapped Sex and the City DVDs for Top Chef episodes! First I felt so dirty... like if I was betraying my gals for appealing food. But then I realized, I wasn't exchanging the adventures of thirty-something-year-old gals for Gratin Dauphinois. I was just swapping them for hot, sexy and "everyone wants to eat from their plate" chefs! The judges, of course (don't forget I'm a snob)! Tom (Cute) Colicchio, Rocco (Stud) DiSpirito, Tod (Hansom) English, Anthony (Sexy Nutcase) Bourdain, among others...

Oh yeah! And there he was... my newest boy toy. Eric Ripert. Born French, renowned for his seafood delights, learned to cook with his grandmother, moved to New York in 1991 with his sexy "frrench accent" and has the perfect Richard Gere hair color. Poetry to my hears...
If I was a competitor on Top Chef, man, I would be drooling over my perfectly cooked dish just for staring at him. And as if the cuteness of this "Frrench main course" was not enough, to top it off, wait for it... wait for it... he's a SEAFOOD GOD!!!!! His restaurant in NY, Le Bernardin (where I belong), has more Michelin stars than I can count around my head after cocktail hour! His restaurant is ranked among the best in the world and the amount of awards and successes that Ripert has accomplished are mind blowing.

Mind blowing would be if he was in the mood to play once in a while "Chef At Home", and I assure you guys, I would sell half of my business, my Chanel car, and my shoe collection, just to have him on the first flight to Lisbon to cook for me. Royal treatment, class all the way! How often a girl can have a sexy guy cook proper lobster for her? I would be poor after, but so so happy! Ripert: bring your apron on and nothing else, 'cause man, I'm starving!