December 22, 2010



Just because this is a critical time for me, it doesn't necessarily mean that I have to loose perspective. Let's focus on presents! That's right. I'm talking about fresh-rapped-or-cute-boxes-with-silky-paper-inside-and-big-bows PRE-SENTS. Don't you tell me that you're not thinking if your wish list is going to become true! Because you are.

Family, friends, significant others, gathered around a luscious table of goodies and gastronomic sins, sharing affinities and stories, all with a very meaningful purpose: at the end, they all have the opportunity to show their love towards others through the best way I know how - giving presents:) It doesn't matter if you spent your entire paycheck on it, you still have the next year to rebound. Do not forget: it's not the thought that counts, it's the present! Anyway, this year I sent an email to my personal Santa (it's good that I'm not only stuck with a personal Grinch), and I'm a little concerned if he understands the difference between Zanotti and Weitzman. For instance, yesterday my husband took me to a concert. The minute we got to the theater, I asked him: "are we going to see Strauss???" - my husband: "yes" - me (a little bit furious): "but you said it was Schubert!" - my (confused) husband: "no I didn't" - me (already pissed off): "oh no you didn't, I know my classic music and I would never say yes to Strauss!!"... it continues on and on.
See, it's because of these little things that I'm a bit scared regarding my wish list. I like Austrian composers, and I don't care that much about German ones. I like Italian shoe designers, I'm not interested in American ones. So tomorrow night, I'm expecting a pair of Italian studs in my sock. Or to be more precise, in my beautiful feet!

P.S. dear personal Santa, if by any chance you read this post, don't get mad, it's supposed to be funny. But do not mess with my shoes anyway! :-P