December 7, 2010


Image source PICFOR.

Three hours and twelve minutes till the big step. And it's a huge step! I would never though in my life to get at the point, where I'm no longer a single gal. Oh it's happening, from now on, I'm gonna be married. Against all odds, and everything I believed, I find myself saying "I do" to my Mr. Big.

After all said and done, love, hate, fights, reconciliations, laughs and cries, I finally resign myself to this thing, love. It's really not logic. If you think about it, there's no reason in love. I, for instant, have been engaged once, had my heart broken and I came back for more! Where's the reason here?? But this time was different... I did it my way. Everybody deserves a second chance! I know I do! So, I was the one asking him to marry me and I gave him something to close the deal :) We started to plan the wedding, bla, bla, bla and then I got pregnant. Bye bye tutu dress! So we've decided to postpone the party...

But today is our anniversary. We've met twelve years ago. Ouch! So, as crazy as we can be, we've decided to go to the City Hall and get marry today! We've got the rings, we've got the love, we've got the baby on the way, the only thing that is missing is the paper! And as much as I didn't "like" the paper before, I now feel very compelled to have one with my name and his on... lame, I know. "And in the end, Manuela Marques married David Matos Ferreira in a label-less dress" :))