January 21, 2011


Heidi Klum, Vogue Germany June 2009

I'm not sure, but I have the feeling that "Pregnant Heidi", my role model, didn't let her hormones get their way! Oh God... What a crazy start to what seemed to be a wonderful sunny day.
I woke up to realize that I might left my key office inside my office. I wasn't the one who closed it so immediately I felt sorry for myself if my hunch was right. Which turned out to be, as soon as I checked my bag!! On top of it I knew that I also have forgotten my cell at the office. Happy days! And because my husband is so thoughtful and he knew in advance about the forgotten phone, before he left in the morning, he put his cell next to my pillow in case I needed to call him, just because I'm pregnant and something might go wrong. And it did, but not with the baby, thank God! I have "danger" written all over me!

So I've rushed into his cellphone to call his friend, who was with him, to tell him "Heeeeeeeelp" and then he will bring me his spare keys. Have I mentioned that I hate blackberries?? I do. So I get the cellphone, and it asked me for a password. Okay, breathe, I can do this. Of course I messed up! I managed to type six numbers in a space for four. Okay, one more try. Fuck! I did it again! What's wrong with me? Isn't it bad enough that I have no control what so ever in my emotions, but in my fingers?? Come on! One more try... damn it! It started to ask me things I didn't know!!! Screw this.

In an era where no one knows anymore phone numbers by heart I was kinda trapped in my own mess... I couldn't reach my husband, I couldn't reach the other partner who has a key as well, and I had a very importante meeting at 10.3o in my office. And then I remembered: I have my laptop! Let me check their Facebook accounts and see if I can find their phone numbers there. Yes! Got it! I made the phone call on my land line to my husband's friend and a completely stranger answered! "Hello, is this Frank's phone?", "No ma'am, you must have the wrong number". Come one!!!!! Is it so hard to keep your data updated!!!!! So I tried my partner. He wasn't picking up the phone. Why would he?

So I've decided to come to my office door, and see if someone is magically willing to rescue me, and plus, wait for my 10.30 appointment, because it was really important.
And now here I am, sitting in a coffee shop next to my office, where I can stare at my door, to see when my 10.30 arrives. It's 11.52. Haven't I suffered enough??????