January 8, 2011


PROENZA SCHOULER Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection.
Photos by Monica Feudi in Style.com

Let's talk about fashion.
The Proenza Schouler boys won my heart in their last presentation. Although by the end of the show the models went back to the old cool Proenza Schouler girls, they were ladies most of the time. Jack McCollough said backstage "We wanted it to be a little more polished", and so it was! From the beautiful embroideries, the hand-dyed silky fabrics and the clean pallet to the simple pumps (a bold reaction to the vertiginous platforms the other designers have been presenting us), everything screamed femininity. And the contrast of such lightness with the fabulous oversize arts-and-crafts-y necklaces, it blew me away completely. McCollough and Hernandez really reinvented themselves and have shown a great amount of maturity. Me likey. A lot! A sight for sore eyes in a season where disappointments were more frequent than I expected, in an era where creativity is most needed.

Of course the selection of the photos I've made had to do with my current condition... I can wear these looks with my almost huge (yet cute) belly, and keep wearing it when I'm back to my fabulous self! I know I keep convincing myself that I have to stop mention my pregnancy in every post, but you know what? What's the point of being pregnant if I can't mock about it in my own blog? The truth is, I don't talk a lot about it during my day because I'm trying to ignore it (like if it's possible) and most because, I don't want to become those women I hate who after giving birth their brain freeze and can't keep up a conversation without going to diapers' land! So yes, I will embrace it in every post, as cynical as I can be, and I will mock about it whenever I want to, because it's my pregnancy and I bitch about it if I want to!