January 3, 2011


MY XMAS PRESENTS: Long leather gloves and Leather note book, all UTERQUE. Cinched leather Booties, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI. MacBook Air 11 inches, APPLE.

Forgive me my absence, but it hasn't been easy. Well, to be fair I can't complain... my Personal Santa (AKA my dearest husband) gave me this Xmas, the Zanotti booties I have had been drooling to, plus the new MacBook Air 11 inches, just because I've been such a good girl! And also because this way, I can write good things about him more often, as I'm doing right now. (BTW I'm feeling the first kicks while I'm typing this post. Yay!!! That or I ate something bad.)

The part that it hasn't been easy is because I've been sick since last year. Or to be more positive since last week! And it sucks because no drugs for the pregnant lady. Gosh! And I was the one who use to loooove special treatment! But this is like being in jail, in your own body. Sad. I know. I just don't get how every single women who have been pregnant come to me, and tell me, that "this", was the most beautiful experience ever! What?? Shut up! Don't even get me started. Of course I will love my baby Gabriel, but me no loving what he's been doing to me. And to my fabulous body, of course.

Bitchiness aside, I'm super excited about this year! Many many major things are going to take place and I can't wait to see it all coming to reality. Personal projects, professional projects, and about these last ones, I am trying like a mothafucka to hold myself not to tell you guys right now all the awesome fashionable projects I have planed for 2011. It's gonna take all my blood, sweat and tears, but it's gonna be so, so worthy. And I will need that crazy rush to get rid of the extra pounds my little Gabriel is giving me. Another "beautiful" thing about pregnancy... well, at least I have my cocktails to cry on... capital FUCK! Oh no I don't. Damn it!