February 10, 2011


I know I've said I would post more often, even though my life is running like a wild elephant that ran away from the town circus! But you know what? It's very very hard to keep a promise nowadays! Normally I'm one of those you can trust, but lately, with the opening of two stores at the same time, and the baby on the way, I do what I can just to make sure the "elephant", my life as I intend it, doesn't cause much damage.

I miss having time to myself, being selfish and all that, but what I miss the most is, spending money in nonsenses! My meaningful nonsenses. Oh, glory days! Going shopping, adopting lonely and caring shoes, and bags, and coats, and dresses, to the warmth of my cozy closet... Going to the flee market and rambling for hours looking for the perfect pair of 70's Balenciaga sunglasses abandoned on the floor, waiting for me to make a 10 euros deal for it, because the person who's selling it doesn't know the treasure he or she's holding :)

Yesterday I went bassinet shopping with mom in law. Bam! BYE BYE TO A PAIR OF LOUBOUTINS!!!!! Today I got the estimate for some graphic material for the new BMB store. Bam! BYE BYE TO A FENDI BAG!!!!! Why the Hell do we have to grow up and be responsible? Why????? These last few days I've been kinda feeling like Carrie when she wanted to buy her apartment and she couldn't find the money to. And then she looked at her closet... there it was. Oh boy, I do relate to that particular situation. No shame on that. Because I know, that when I die, I will be known by much more than "the old lady who had a lot of shoes" :-)
Now back to work!