February 2, 2011


Project for the BY MALENE BIRGER store in Lisbon.

Two nights ago at dinner, my dear friend Luciano started to bitch about the fact that I've been acting very lazy when it comes to my blog. Which my response was "maybe you should start to mind your own business instead of peeking into my daily bitchiness". Of course I was kidding. I can be a bitch but NOT to my friends. Only when they deserve it :P

Anyway, but he was so right! Well, it's not that I'm being lazy, or momentarily restarted because of my pregnancy, the thing is: I'm about to give birth twice! Oh yeah. It's gonna happen! I am opening the very first BY MALENE BIRGER store in Portugal! That's right. I've been so crazy running around all the details that I have neglected my "selfish and favorite place to be" in the world: my blog! Shame on me. But it's all for a good cause. The big opening will be in the beginning of March and the project is absolutely breathtaking, thanks to a very talented architect Peter Bundgaard.

Now, I won't be promising that I'll keep you posted daily, but I promise that I'm gonna try harder and come here more often to bitch about life, business and shit, and of course, to indulge the urge that some of my friends have of snooping when it comes to my exciting life!

P.S. Luciano, I'm a sucker for you, don't be mad, please do come read me any time you want:)