March 22, 2011


Strapless dress with belt, Woven knot bag with leather, Strappy sandals, Cowboy hat, Necklace with shell, Necklace half moon, all BY MALENE BIRGER.

Finally. The madness is over. Well, at least part of it! Last week I've just opened my brand new store, the first and only BY MALENE BIRGER in Portugal. I couldn't be happier! The store looks absolutely gorgeous and it feels like my personal boudoir every time I go there. Marie Antoinette herself would be so so jealous if she had seen it! That's what you get for having the macarons specially invented just for you! Bitch!

Nevertheless, my entire madness is far from being over. I have exactly 8 weeks and 5 days to build a bassinet, buy a stroller and everything that comes with it, a carrier, a baby's bathtub, a nanny (oh God can we buy those?), and a bunch of baby' stuff or my little Gabriel is gonna born without the shit that all the other babies have. No no no no no. That's not a good start. So I had to find some space in my mad schedule, to take care of the important things in life... lame, I know, but I've made peace with myself and now, I'm aloud to be a regular person. Still cocky. But a mommy that no one can point a finger at! So Dippers' Land, here I go. For a while, of course. Do they accept Visa there??????