May 24, 2011


Life as I know it, has changed.
This might sounds like a cliché but it's as right as it can be. Four days ago, even though little Gabriel already existed in my belly, all my priorities were different. The world itself had a completely different meaning and somethings I had taken for granted just vanished in a blink of an eye. It is truly overwhelming to have a little person in your life who is going to rely on you for a very, very long period of your and his life. Meaning: forever.

It's the "day four" as a mommy, and yesterday I already found myself saying things that I have listened my mom say my entire life, and only now I got it. I really wish all his pains come to me... the felling of making sure that nothing but nothing hurts my little son is so huge that I barely can keep it inside. Today it decided to come out in tears. Oh God! It's happening! Baby Blues has arrived in town! No comments what so ever.

As much painful and annoying it is to be pregnant, all is worthy when I'm watching him asleep. And all my "well known" cynicism was gone in the O.R. when I yelled "God save drugs" the minute little Gabriel came out, and when I asked my Doctor for a Gin Tonic while he was gluing me back :-P
The world is better now!...