July 17, 2011


Editorial: Valerya by Amber Gray for Brides December 2010

It was a week day, drinks and dinner with a friend of mine, to finally meet the very good friend of hers, Joy. It was love at first sight. I instantly knew that I had to steal her from her! (which I did).
Funny thing, in all the people I love, I never had a good first impression when I met them. Actually, it is very hard to get under my skin in the beginning, But when it does... but with Joy it wasn't like that. That's how pure she is :)
The next morning I got to wonder, a good friend always appears when you least expect, like love. And although friendship represents for me a very restricted club, there's always a warm spot for one more. She is a "terrific" human being (she likes that word, go figure!), so positive and a wonderful friend since day one. Actually she's beyond any description. I really think of her like a sister, my blood, because when you care the way she does for someone, that tops the level of friendship and becomes family. And she's my family in Lisbon, as I like to think I'm hers too. We both live far away from our families. Sometimes, I'm afraid I'm not up for the level of love she emanates!

She got married yesterday with the love of her life, Frank, and I just wanna say, dude, you better take good care of my girl, because if you don't, well, you know what happens... anyway, I just want her to know how happy I am for having her in my life and that, although I'm very possessive with my preciousness, I'm okay with all this marriage thing. LOL no, seriously, I wish you guys all the good things in the world and I can't wait to be your children's aunty :) and Joy, my sweet pea, I wish I was there with you, crying like a mothe'fucker and giving you back warm smiles and wise words of support. I find it magnificent and very bold to give ourselves completely to the sorrows and happiness of life, because that's what marriage is all about. Joy, I'm so proud of you :)))