January 15, 2013


(view from home)

One of these mornings, I went to my terrace to light up a very early morning cigarette. It's becoming a shameful habit of mine, which soon, needs to be fixed. So stressed out, so absorbed with my stupid problems that I end up facing the glass of the door and turning my back to one of the greatest things I have in my life. You see, I have "the" view of Lisbon. The old river, the bridges caressing it, the aged town diving in it... Unfuckinbelievable! And I witness all from above. Veeeery above.
And there I was, having a smoke, and taking it for granted. "Landscape has no owner". I get that. But I'm sorry. This one is mine. It has been my confident and companion for several years now, and that day it became an eye opener too. While I was stressing about shit, and smoking like a maniac, I saw through the reflection of the glass door, the most beautiful, poetic, almost illegal scenery I forgot that existed. How can I've been turning my back to all the magic things I have in life??? Yes, three question marks are mandatory. We're all so absorbed with mundane stuff that we keep missing the point. The point of life. Which is: living! Quite basic right? But we insist on forgetting.
So next time you're neglecting the good stuff like I was/probably still am, do me a favor, will you? Don't. It's a waste of life. (It's only my point of view :)