August 6, 2013


Good things always come to an end. That's the truth. But it's also true that in order to experience new good and exciting things you must let go of the old. Most of the time it's painful, but it's much better to watch good things go away than watching them go sour... believe me. It may sound like a bold statement, almost an inconvenient one, but people tend to hold on to things, moments, more than they should. It's part of human nature. And it seems to me that this inability of "letting go" is much noticeable on women's DNA than on guys'. But the fastest you learn how to let go the better. It's something that comes with age. God, I'm starting to sound like my mom. Anyway, lately I've been coaching myself the fine art of "letting go". Not easy my friends. Especially when we're talking about something that you worked so hard for. But still, you have to make it work. You do it gently. Take your own time. Put your fears behind and move forward. Even if you have to start everything all over again. You just do it. 'cause that's what makes good things come to you. Fuck The Secret. The secret is not taking bullshit from life. Own it.
I'm loving my new atelier. And as much as sometimes I'm shitting my pants I would not trade it for what I was doing before. The old. 'cause that's how new good and exciting things happen.