October 18, 2013


Necklace PITANGA; Pumps PRADA; Swimsuit HERVE LEGER; Bracelets DSQUARED2; Lipstick YSL; Blush DIOR.

Lately I've been completely abscessed by everything that's cherry color. I don't care that much for the fruit, but the color, yum yum I can't get enough! It's in my wardrobe, it's on my nails, it's on my lips, it's everywhere! I'm one step away from painting my son red cherry :)
A few weeks ago I went out wearing nothing but red cherry. Dress, necklace, lips and nails. Well, at least I wore nude pumps... I was afraid I might offend someone. Visually :)
Eventually I'll be in the mood for another color. Lets just hope it's not acid yellow LOL.