February 23, 2014


A few days ago I read on Twitter something like "fuck second chances! people never change!!" type of bullshit. And it got me thinking. Here it begins the problem. You should NEVER give someone a second chance if you're relying on that person to change! Huge mistake.
Second chances are based on forgiveness and acceptance. Not on "change who you are so this all works out" kinda deal. Probably he or she was right. People never change! So why the hell will you, in your perfect state of mind, give anyone, a second chance??

10 years ago today, an American girl returned from Paris. Carrie gave Mr. Big a second, or to be more accurate, a third chance after from what I remember The most romantic, breathtaking and yet unlikely rescue from the small screen history ever. It was most expected and we all gals (and some dudes) cried for at least a week. And yes. It wasn't real. Because in real life these types of happy endings never happen. But you know why?? They would if we stopped giving second chances based on false pretenses!!!! Carrie didn't take Big back because she was expecting him to change. She did it because, after 6 freakin' seasons, she finally accepted him from what he was: a selfish  abnormally good looking guy with some serious commitment issues, who happened to lover unconditionally.

 I am a true believer in second chances. What would life be without them? You would never be able to take that exam again to get a better grade, you would never had your driving license because you stupidly didn't pass the first time, or you could never give the one you love the chance to just tell you "hey, you know I'm better than this, please find in your heart the straight to forgive me. we all make mistakes". Don't we?...

If life itself is willing to give us second chances aaaaall the time, why can't we do the same for the ones who have a place in our hearts? After all, they're the ones who deserve it one. Some choose to call it a leap of faith. I prefer to call it "the small Big thing I will never regret".