July 10, 2014


Vika Volkute for Glamour Italia October 2012 

I found it rather annoying when self-made entrepreneurs start to pray formulas to achieve success and stardom. Okay, I get it, they've made it, usually in a short amount of time and with tremendous success. But that doesn't mean you've figured it out the matrix of the road to get there! Recently I've come crossed this article on Forbes: 5 Career Mistakes You Will Regret in Ten Years.
Rick Smith, Forbs contributor, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and speaker, prayed in five simple and pragmatic points the clairvoyance of identifying rookie mistakes we all make along our careers. Allefuckinluia!! It was about time someone speak up in the name of those who hold the key to the big gate of success and help we all, ordinary people! Bull crap, and I'm gonna prove he's wrong. So here are the 5 mistakes:
1. "Network only within your company"
For six years I was what I like to call an international/social-network whore. I've done it all. Trade shows, fashion weeks, events, I've built a global network in my twenties that could blush any over 30 entrepreneurs. Social-network: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Polyvore, Small World, blogs, you name it. I still don't know how did I keep up without a team of 10.
2. "Make decisions based on money"

For three years I've worked without a salary. Our company was a start-up and all revenue was to invest in the company. So I managed to get money from side jobs and never questioned my commitment to a career that wasn't getting me any.
3. "Avoid Failure"
For six years I was out there. I mean it. Uncertain paths, high risk decisions, taking changes and always putting myself exposed to what it could turn out into a tremendous success, or failure.  "Difficult situations lead to accelerated growth", so Rick says.
4. "Buy a House"
On this matter I couldn't be more mobile. I'm proud to say I was freeloading in my fiance's house :)
5. "Miss opportunities to help others" 
Well, I don't. I am those type of people who can not help themselves helping the peers and re-joys with the feeling without any expectation of return benefit. "Positive Karma" that's what Rick calls it in his book  The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers. Apparently he really really digs the number 5! Go figure... Well I found out the hardest way that the ones you most encourage, help and coach, are also the first ones to screw you the minute they have the chance. Bazinga!

That's why nowadays I really appreciate the ones who have the courage to expose themselves, and share their failure stories. It takes a lot of guts to say "hey. I did everything I was suppose to do and still, I was short on the luck factor"...  This is what I think most of the time is determinant to make it: LUCK. Some people are born with the lucky star and they don't even have to bother being at the right place on the right time, 'cause luck makes its way to find the lucky bastard.
So Rick, next time you feel this uncontrollable urge to spread words of wisdom make sure you start with an honest statement kinda like this: "hey. I'm nothing but a story of success, but here's my personal experience, this is my truth, my reality, hope it helps". "in 5 Steps". This book, I would buy.