February 2, 2015


I'm always amazed how people make assumptions about your life. Great marriage, cute kids, good life! everything looks so perfect from the outside!
the cold truth is, well, not so cold in my opinion, perfect lives have flaws. and flaws are part of who we are and how we present ourselves.
in an era where "real people" has more followers than actual celebrities, we're drawn into these worlds where everything has a specific aesthetic, a consistent color palette, and those lives are suddenly a brand, and it seems like they're selling a life style instead of actually living it. I blame the social networks. of which I'm a slave myself. sometimes I caught myself regretting not sharing a moment with "the followers" than treasuring that moment in my heart or my memory. gosh! how the hell did we end up like this? these type of behaviors probably take a big chunk of our day. all these sharing, liking, posting, pinning… and it has to be consistent!! Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, polyvore, I'm on it. and every day I'm amazed. amazed and exhausted. amazed with the consistence of some profiles, especially on instagram, and exhausted for them. the users. I truly believe it must be exhausting clicking your life exclusively from the above, or search for the perfect picture that goes along with the fifty shades of beige consistent with your profile. not to mention the outfit of the day picture. lol with prejudice.
I have to admit that sometimes, once in a while, I aim for a profile like that. clean, consistent, uni-color. but then, no. no I can not. I refuse not having the chaos, the colors, the nonsense of life. my life. Of course I carefully edit my posts. I even tried to ensemble a collage with some kind of consistency to illustrate this post. but I failed. I went through hell to getter some photos and I ended up cropping a piece of my instagram page! (sincerely lol)
No one likes to show their weaknesses, their flaws. But you know what? Flaws are beautiful. And my life and I are full of them. may be that's why people like my profile so much… kkkkkkkkk