October 24, 2016



It's always fun, and a little bit nostalgic coming back here. I remember when bloggers were just simple nerds behind a computer trying to elevate the sadness of writing journals into something... something less lonely, more like "thank God now I have an audience of 3". I also remember when blogs were the 21st century's shrinks, and blogging was a happy place where you could lay down, relax, bitch about your family and the world in general, and aaaaall your posts would end up blaming your dad for your issues. Oh happy days... till some teenager starts posting pictures of the outfit of the day, and then suddenly, all the gossip, bitchiness,  and bitterness became "look! one day I'm gonna be just like one of the Kardashians I don't care whom".

Innuendo aside, I'd like to talk about ladybugs. Yes, today I'm all nature. I always liked ladybugs. Ever since I was a little girl. I remember how hard it was to find them, and when you finally spotted one and tried to catch it, it would always fly away. Little bastards. But today I'd like to talk about one ladybug in particular: my dear friend Joana. The world brought her to me in a troubled way, and we've been together ever since. She has this amazing capacity of dazzling me. The minute I put my eyes on her I knew how talented she was and the great things that were ahead of her. Although she didn't. Architect by training but a restless chef by heart. Life took care of pushing her into the right direction, and I like to think  I pushed her myself every chance I had :) Her talent is almost bigger than her relentlessness. She has achieved great things everywhere she works (if it's okay to define as work, the art of an artist) and  yet, never stops looking for places and people who will inspire her and help her to grow and to be better.

Joana is an inspiration to me. And to all women. She knows what she wants, and never stops till she gets it. I'm so proud of her that I'm almost NOT mad with her for leaving me AGAIN to pursue another dream of hers. Because that´s how she is: fearless! And as her favourite groupie I promise I will be continuously looking out for her. 'cause that's what friends do to :) and to finish with the perfect cheese note I'd like to quote my favourite food critic of all times, Anton Ego: "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere."